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Nature's Garden Probiotic Apricots

Nature's Garden Probiotic Apricots

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Nutrition Facts

Reap the wonders of our award-winning Probiotic Apricots! Chewy and delicious, plump, and loaded with flavor and freshness, see why these probiotic dried fruits are one of our best-sellers. Once you satisfy your sweet tooth guilt-free, you’ll see why our customers can’t get enough of our Probiotic Apricots!

These decadent dried apricots are loaded with antioxidants, fiber, and of course, added probiotics, to help keep you moving and grooving.

Antioxidant richness comes from vitamin A and beta-carotene, helping to protect your cells from damage. Apricots are a good source of flavonoids, another antioxidant that helps protect against inflammation, reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. 

And of course, our Probiotic Apricots, with added probiotics, help to maintain a healthy gut. Fiber plays a key role in keeping your hunger at bay while supporting digestion – making these dried apricots perfect if your goal is to get fit and feel better.

Chow down straight from the bag, add Probiotic Apricots to some yogurt for a decadent afternoon snack or healthy dessert alternative, or use them in your favorite jam or slice recipe. Feel good knowing there’s no added sugars or artificial flavors – goodness straight from the source – straight from Nature’s Garden!


Move and Groove – Our Probiotic Apricots do wonders for your digestive health, with loads of fiber to help keep your hunger at bay for longer. Not to mention that they're a fantastic source of vitamins A, E, and potassium.

Nasties-Free – We’ve ditched the bad stuff and are committed to bringing you that good good. Our Probiotic Apricots are free from preservatives, trans fats, GMOs, artificial ingredients, flavors, cholesterol, and sodium.

Good For Your Gut – Loaded with probiotics to help maintain a healthy gut biome, each serving provides you with billions of probiotic cultures that keep your tummy happy while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Top Shelf Ingredients – When you buy Nature’s Garden, you’re buying straight from the source. Our Probiotic Apricots contain honest, natural ingredients - apricots and added probiotics! 

Whenever, Wherever – Whether you’re jazzing up your breakfast, indulging in a rich afternoon snack, or looking for fuel for your training regime, the search is over! Probiotic Apricots are the perfect snack anytime, anywhere.

Ingredients: Dried Apricots (Sulfur Dioxide), Sunflower Oil, Microencapsulated Probiotics, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus Gg, Saccharomyces Boulardii

Allergy Information: Packed and processed in a facility that packages peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soy, wheat and egg products. May contain pits, shell pieces or other naturally occurring objects. 

Probiotic apricots are more than a delicious snack. This dried fruit is packed with health benefits for people of all ages. As medical knowledge advances, more people are talking about the importance of maintaining a balanced gut to support overall health. Probiotic dried fruit is a simple way to improve your diet and support your digestion at the same time.

What are the Health Benefits of Probiotic Apricots?

Apricots bring a variety of health-boosting benefits to your diet, such as antioxidants to combat oxidative stress and fiber to regulate the digestive system. Eating plant-based foods offers countless benefits for your health, with many disease-fighting nutrients in each bite.

At the same time, adding probiotics increases your health benefits to the next level. There are billions of active cultures in every bag of probiotic apricots. These microencapsulated probiotics offer gut-healthy benefits that you can get through fermented foods.

Best Vegan Gluten-Free Probiotic Snacks

Do you want the benefits of probiotics, but yogurt doesn’t work in your vegan diet? You don’t need to change your eating habits to include dairy for probiotics. Instead, there are a variety of vegan snacks that are loaded with probiotic benefits.

Organic unsweetened dried fruit is delicious and healthy. Since these foods come from plant-based ingredients, you can enjoy your snacks and stick to a vegan diet at the same time. Add the benefits of probiotics to your dried fruit to optimize your overall health whenever you need a snack.

Best Dried Fruit for Weight Loss

If weight loss is your health focus right now, then dried fruit is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth and avoid refined sugar at the same time. In addition, dried fruit is high in fiber, helping you feel satiated for longer. At the same time, health experts are finding that a healthy biome is essential for supporting weight loss efforts. So, make sure to include probiotic foods in your weight loss diet.

At Nature’s Garden, our snacks are delicious, healthy, and convenient. Keep these snack packs and probiotic apricots on hand at all times so you can stay on track with your health and fitness goals. Probiotic apricots are sweet and offer a variety of benefits for your health.

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