Healthy Thanksgiving: Delicious Almond Flour Turkey Gravy
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Healthy Thanksgiving: Delicious Almond Flour Turkey Gravy

The holidays are here, which means that it is time to start thinking about what you are going to cook for Thanksgiving dinner. If you want something that tastes great but is easy on your diet, almond flour turkey gravy is the perfect choice!

To make almond flour turkey gravy, you will need:

- almond flour (find out how to make it here)

- butter or ghee (get some grass-fed from Amazon)  (You can find many great choices on Thrive Market!)

- stock of your choice (chicken is a good option. Get some fresh chicken broth from Whole Foods.) - onion powder and garlic powder for taste - salt and pepper if desired Once you have all the ingredients together in one place, follow these steps:

Heat up oil in a saucepan over medium heat.                

Add almond flour and cook until golden brown.                

Slowly add stock while stirring constantly with whisk so that there are no l

This almond flour thanksgiving recipe makes a delicious keto gravy with just 5 ingredients - almond milk ((find out how to make it here), almond flour, salt, black pepper and ground thyme. Of course, you can add in other spices if you want to make it even more tasty.

This almond flour gravy recipe is a great way to enjoy turkey without having to worry about the carbs and calories that come with traditional white or brown gravy. It also works well on chicken and pork! So whether your family prefers turkey or ham at Thanksgiving dinner, almond flour gravy will be sure to please everyone's taste buds!

Happy Thanksgiving from Almond Flour Foods! We wish you an absolutely delicious holiday meal this year filled with good food and time spent with loved ones - we know that this almond flour thanksgiving dish makes for such a gathering. Best wishes for a wonderful day full of gratitude and celebration ahead of us all!

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