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Unsalted Roasted PistachiosUnsalted Roasted Pistachios
Organic Pinapple Dried RingsOrganic Pinapple Dried Rings
Omega Sweet Salad Topper (Pack of 5)Omega Sweet Salad Topper (Pack of 5)
Organic Salad Topper with Seeds (Pack of 5)Organic Salad Topper with Seeds (Pack of 5)
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Trail Mix Bundle BoxTrail Mix Bundle Box
Trail Mix Bundle Box
$53.08 $58.98
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Nature’s Garden Functional Snacks Bundle BoxNature’s Garden Functional Snacks Bundle Box
Father's Day Gift BoxFather's Day Gift Box
Traditional Trail MixTraditional Trail Mix
Dried Turkish ApricotsDried Turkish Apricots
Peanut Butter Trail MixPeanut Butter Trail Mix
Rocky Road Trail MixRocky Road Trail Mix
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Heart Healthy Bundle BoxHeart Healthy Bundle Box
Heart Healthy Bundle Box
From $49.99 $56.38
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Salad Topper Bundle
Organic Salted CashewsOrganic Salted Cashews
Indulgent Trail MixIndulgent Trail Mix
Nature's Garden T-Shirt
Nature's Garden T-Shirt

Heart Healthy

Packed full of Omega 3s, our trail mixes and nuts satisfy those snack cravings while keeping your heart happy, healthy, and ticking at its best!



Keep things Keto with our Ketogenic snack range. Low carb, low Sugar, packed full of deliciousness.



If you must indulge, do it right! Our indulgent snacks cater to your sweet tooth while still giving you macros to keep you energized and full for longer.



Boost your body’s digestive health and immune cells with our probiotic fruits and snack mixes.


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