Dried Fruit - Probiotic Apricots for Working Adults
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Afternoon Snack Ideas for Working Adults

Finding a simplistic and healthy choice to satisfy hunger cravings can be difficult for those of us who are constantly on the move or working.  We often don’t have the extra time to pull ourselves away from our work, hobbies, or responsibilities to reach for the best option available, and we’re often left making a quick decision that doesn’t actually fuel us in the way we’re looking for.  We often end up dragging through the afternoon hours of our shift, or through the latter part of our hectic day.  Fruits are some of the easiest and most convenient afternoon snack ideas, especially for adults because of their almost nonexistent prep time.  Even more convenient than regular fruit is dried fruit.  Oftentimes dried fruits are a valuable option because the packing is already done for you, they’re backed with nutrients, and when picking the right brand like Nature’s Garden Probiotic Apricots, they even have no added sugar. This selection in particular is packed with natural probiotics which are more abundant in fruit than any over the counter supplement you can work into your diet…Which means? Eat more fruit!

Dried Fruit

Dried fruits like apricots for example are a great snacking choice for working adults for several reasons, including being:

  • Nutrient rich: Dried apricots are packed with nutrients like A and C vitamins as well as potassium and fiber.  They contribute to overall well-being, namely eye health and immune support.
  • Naturally sweet: The natural sweetness of dried apricots makes them a satisfying alternative to sugary snacks. They help in curbing sugar cravings while actively providing necessary nutrients for our bodies.
  • Good for digestive health: The fiber that is found in dried apricots helps in aiding overall gut health and regular bowel movements.
  • Versatile: Dried apricots can be eaten as a snack or added to foods like trail mixes, yogurt, oatmeal or even incorporated into salads.  They also provide us with a natural energy boost.

Incorporating a multipurpose snack into our diets, especially while on the move at work, is important in not only curbing cravings, but also in maintaining a productive energy level while at work.  In addition to helping sustain healthy energy levels, incorporating these antioxidant and vitamin rich sources into a work snack will help regulate blood sugar levels.  Their antioxidant richness comes from vitamin A and beta-carotene, helping to protect your cells from damage.  Apricots are a good source of flavonoids, another antioxidant that helps protect against inflammation, reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

In a Harvard Health Letter from the Editor in Chief, Anthony Komaroff, M.D., he says, “There are healthy calories and unhealthy (empty) calories, and fruit is a healthy source of calories.  That’s as true of dried fruit as fresh fruit.”  He goes on to say,

“Dried fruits also contain more fiber and more of the antioxidants called phenols than fresh fruit per ounce.  Fiber fights heart disease, obesity, and some types of cancer…People with diets rich in phenols have lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, several kinds of cancer, and possibly degenerative brain diseases.”

Sustained Energy With Probiotic Apricots

Nature's Garden Probiotic Apricots are more than just a tasty treat; they're a smart energy solution. Each serving comes loaded with 21 grams of natural sugars for that quick pick-me-up, paired with 3 grams of dietary fiber to keep things balanced. This fiber is the game-changer, ensuring that the energy release is sustained over a longer period without the abrupt crashes often experienced with other sugary snacks. So, when you snack on these apricots, you're not just satisfying a craving, you're setting yourself up for a steady stream of energy that lasts throughout your busy day.

Nutritional Breakdown of Probiotic Apricots



*The Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

It’s always worth noting that it’s important to consume dried apricots in moderation because of their calorie-dense makeup which simply means that they have natural sugars in them and are encouraged to be eaten as snacks.  It is easy to overindulge on anything this good, but being conscious of what and how much we eat should always be one of our main focuses.

Healthiest Dried Fruit

While apricots like the packaged ones from Nature’s Garden, are a valuable source of nutrition and an efficient way to snack on the go, there are a variety of other healthy dried fruit options. A few of the healthiest dried fruits that are worth adding to you and your families’ diets are:

Layout of Dried Fruits in Watercolor Painting

  • Raisins: being dried grapes, they’re extremely common.  Easy as a standalone snack as well as something that can be integrated into things like trail mix, baked goods, and oatmeal.
  • Dates: can be enjoyed on their own and have been shown to play a role in disease prevention through antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial activity.
  • Prunes: are rich in fiber and frequently praised for their digestive health benefits.
  • Cranberries: are often popular for their antioxidant properties and as an additive to trail; mixes, baked goods, and convenient snacks like Nature's Garden Cranberry Health Mix.
  • Pineapple chunks: have a variety of benefits including Vitamin C, fiber, B vitamins, Manganese, and actively works to fight inflammation.

Trying to balance the business of life and eating healthy isn’t an easy challenge, especially when grocery stores are filled with an overwhelming number of options.  Creating a system to incorporate healthy options into our daily routine and workday diet are key to our family’s overall health.  It’s often worth it to find ways to take the guessing out of this process and the first step is treating our health as an investment.  Hop in the driver’s seat and help ensure that you and your family are energized, and revitalized with what you choose to snack on during your workdays, starting now!

What foods to stay away from to avoid afternoon slumps?

Refined carbs such as pizzas, pastas, pastries, bread, rice, chips, and anything high in sugar.

How do you beat afternoon fatigue?

Stay hydrated, steer clear of too much caffeine, take a walk, or try and get some sunlight on breaks.

Why do we sometimes feel an afternoon slump?

The main reason why we start to feel tired and unfocused around 1-3pm is because typically around 12 hours after the last time we were in a deep sleep, our need for sleep increases along with our decrease in alertness. People often experience deep sleep between 2-3am, and in that 1-3pm afternoon window your body is likely telling you you’ve been alert for too long and that your body needs a brief break to restore its natural balance.

How Can Nuts Help Working Adults Overcome Afternoon Slumps?

Nuts are an excellent choice for tackling afternoon slumps. Rich in protein, healthy fats, and fiber, they provide a consistent energy boost without the sudden crashes typical of sugary snacks. Additionally, their magnesium and B vitamin content aids in maintaining focus and energy during work hours.
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