The 3 Components Of A Powerful Vegan Trail Mix
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The 3 Components Of A Powerful Vegan Trail Mix

Snacking on trail mix on a vegan diet – seems like a no-brainer right?

When it comes to vegan-friendly snacking, there’s plenty of options for healthy treats. From fruits, vegetables, dips, smoothies, and much more, those adopting vegan diets certainly aren’t lacking in the snack department. But, when it comes to trail mixes, sometimes GORP (good ol’ raisins and nuts) just doesn’t cut it.

We’re talking about trail mixes that harmonize the natural goodness of minerals and nutrients your body needs to thrive, plus a cheeky little naughtiness to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Our vegan customers have been reaching out to us saying that they wanted to taste the chocolatey, nutty goodness of Nature’s Garden trail mixes, without sacrificing their diet. Our R&D team got to work perfecting a mix that vegans and non-vegans alike would drool for. 

A trail mix that’s a cut above any other vegan health snack on the market. A mix that’s SO good, you’ll be scratching your head wondering “how the heck is this mix vegan!?” 

But, before we rip the bag open and dive in mouth-first, we want to share the scoop from our R&D team about what exactly makes the perfect vegan trail mix. When creating our new vegan trail mix, three main components were considered to make our V-Good Trail Mix the absolute finest vegan trail mix on the market.

Let’s get into it!


In case you missed it, we delved into what functional snacking is in an earlier blog post. To recap, functional snacking is snacking that goes beyond satisfying your hunger cravings and taste buds. It’s snacking that fuels your body and mind with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that contribute to a healthier, happier you.

When creating each of our new trail mixes, especially the V-Good Trail Mix, our team sourced ingredients that pack a powerful health punch. Featuring walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, black raisins, cranberries, and oat milk dark chocolate, our V-Good Trail Mix is a healthy snack that will fire up your body with the vitamins and minerals essential for boosting energy.

Walnuts and almonds are brain foods that are said to help improve memory and brain function. Walnuts, in comparison to other nuts, offer twice as many antioxidants, which counteract aging in your brain, and they are packed with DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid, which helps fight inflammation. In addition, both nuts are loaded with protein and fiber to keep you fit, fueled, and full throughout the day.

Pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate provide another burst of antioxidants, along with the black raisins and cranberries which contribute to maintaining a healthy heart.


When creating the V-Good Trail Mix, we wanted to create a trifecta of flavor using nuts, fruits, and chocolate. Almonds were a total no-brainer given their earthy profile and versatility in any snack or recipe. With the crunch of the almonds, it was clear that walnuts would make the perfect nut duo in this mix, with their soft, chewy insides and toasty aroma.

Next came the fruit to bring sweetness to the mix. Keeping things classic, we added black raisins to the mix, bringing just the right balance of wholesomeness. Dried cranberries were sprinkled in for a flavor explosion, giving the V-Good Trail Mix a tangy twist, loaded with vibrant color and flavor.

Last but not least, the question of chocolate arose. While other mixes use extra dark chocolate or exclude chocolate altogether, we wanted the V-Good Trail Mix to feel like any other decadent trail mix. And that of course meant not compromising on tasty chocolate! We formulated our dark chocolate bits with oat milk, making this mix completely dairy-free. The chocolate is sourced entirely from sustainable farms, harvested from the luxurious fino de aroma bean – packing an exquisite flavor. 


When creating this mix, there was no room for anything not 100% natural and fresh. We sourced all our nuts and fruits from sustainable farms right here in the USA and focused on ensuring maximum quality in every bite.

There’s absolutely no bad stuff inside the V-Good Trail Mix! This mix is dairy-free and ideal for those with lactose intolerances. In addition, this mix is Certified Kosher, gluten-free, and free from preservatives, trans fats, GMOs, artificial ingredients, artificial flavors, cholesterol, and sodium.

So what are you waiting for? Our V-Good Trail Mix is being gobbled up and becoming a fast favorite for our customers. 

Order a bag before it sells out! Or better yet, sign up for our subscription program and save 20% on your order. That means you’ll get our V-Good Trail Mix delivered to your door with zero effort while saving loads on each order.

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