Best way to Snack while Camping or on a Long Road Trip
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Best way to Snack while Camping or on a Long Road Trip

If you are planning a long car drive camping trip this summer, you may find yourself trying to think of healthy snacks to take on a road trip. There are easy ways to pack food and snacks for a long road trip and camping adventure. Here are some tips.

5 Tips for Healthy Road Trip Snacks

What sets apart road-trip and camping snacks from other snacks are easy eating on the go, no refrigeration needed, and no cooking required. Of course, you can cook a little bit on a camping trip. But you want snacks that you can grab for hiking, swimming, and canoe trips. Take a look at this list of tips for road trip snacks to make and pack:

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: First and foremost, drink lots of water. If you are sitting still in a car all day long, it’s easy to forget about water. You may be bored and continue eating. Water will help you feel fuller and also keep you hydrated for those long hours.
  2. Easy snacks rich in vitamins and protein: Think of foods that are easy to pack, like trail mix, dried fruit, applesauce packs, fresh fruits and veggies, protein bars, oat muffins, and whole grain tortillas.
  3. Wipes and hand sanitizer: Do not forget to make a plan for clean hands while eating without utensils. Wipe your hands before eating and after.
  4. Insulated carrying case: Even if you prepare snacks that do not require refrigeration, you’ll want an insulated bag or a cooler bag to prevent melting from the sun.
  5. Plan for trash: Bring a small trash bag so that you can keep your trash contained inside the car or carry your trash with you if you’re out on a hike.

When you are prepared with easy snacks that do not require utensils, dishes, preparation, or clean-up, you can better focus on your adventure. Remember, choose foods that will provide the energy you need and keep you feeling full for longer than a few minutes.

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