Thanksgiving Hazelnut Crust Apple Pie: Baked and Delicious
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Thanksgiving Hazelnut Crust Apple Pie: Baked and Delicious

We love apple pie around this time of year, and Thanksgiving Hazelnut Crust Apple Pie is one of our favorites. This gluten-free dessert has roasted hazelnuts mixed in with the crust for a buttery flavor that will make you want to lick your plate clean!

The roasted hazelnuts are perfect for those looking to celebrate thanksgiving but avoid gluten. Add roasted hazelnuts to your gluten-free thanksgiving pies today!


Gluten-free Nature's Garden Roasted Hazelnuts, pastry flour, unsalted butter, brown sugar


- Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

- Roast roasted hazelnuts for about 12 minutes, stirring halfway through cooking time. Chop roasted hazelnuts and set them aside in a bowl with gluten-free pastry flour and unsalted butter. Mix until you have a breadcrumb texture without any large pieces of nuts remaining.

- Add brown sugar to the mixture next, mixing again until crumbs form from the dough crumbling off your spoon or fork as it is stirred together. Press into pie pan evenly around the bottom and up the sides of an eight inch pie dish making sure there are no gaps left within crust after pressing firmly against glass material of baking vessel - Bake at 350 degrees To complete thanksgiving apple pies , add apples on top before

This roasted hazelnuts recipe is gluten free and dairy free, but you won’t notice because your teeth will be stuck in the delicious pie.

You can even make this roasted hazelnut crust apple pie vegan by using a non-dairy butter substitute or non-dairy milk. You’ll love it just as much!

We hope that you enjoy Thanksgiving Hazelnut Crust Apple Pie today! Happy Thanksgiving from us here at Nature's Garden.

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