During the pandemic, we can easily accept bad vibes but we have to handle it and turn into good vibes.
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Staying Positive While Staying at Home

How have the stay-home orders affected your mental health during this COVID-19 pandemic? Our reasons for staying home are honorable to protect community health and limit the spread of the virus. But this quarantine has taken a toll on mental health across the world, with many people feeling uncertain and isolated. Additionally, job loss and economic challenges are causing families to experience financial stress.

Even though you can’t control what is happening in the world around you, every person has control over the things that they are doing at home. This time is an opportunity to practice positivity. You can learn how to maintain a healthy outlook, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Simple Strategies for Staying Positive

Here are a few proven strategies you can use to stay positive during these challenge times:

  • Self-Awareness: Start by recognizing the thoughts you are experiencing throughout the day. Does your self-talk promote bad vibes? If you are focused on fear and worry all the time, then look for ways to improve your good vibes through affirmations, music, and journaling.
  • Move Your Body: Staying at home doesn’t mean that you should be sitting on the couch all day. Inactivity is the fastest way to make you feel like you are stuck in a rut. In the words of Elle Woods in the movie Legally Blonde: “Exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy.” Be proactive in a regular exercise routine to make sure you are boosting endorphins to support your mental health.
  • Meal Planning: It’s tempting to visit the kitchen every few hours for a snack. But regular eating patterns are important for maintaining the structure of your day. Be proactive in designing a healthy menu including nutritious snacks if you need something between meals.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easiest when you have systems in place to support your goals. By taking care of your physical and mental health, it’s easier to stay positive and keep moving forward in all areas of your life.

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