Carve Your Pumpkin and Fill with Trail Mix: Delicious Fall Treat
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Carve Your Pumpkin and Fill with Trail Mix: Delicious Fall Treat

It's party time! Time to carve your pumpkin and fill it with trail mix. This is a great recipe for party snacks or healthy Halloween party snacks. The best part about this recipe is that you can make it ahead of time and store in the fridge until party day.

- What you will need:

- Pumpkin of course (any size or shape, even a small bowl works)

- Peanut butter of your choice (crunchy and creamy work best)

- Coconut oil/margarine of your choice

Silicone baking cups – these are great to use as the party snacks easily pop out. You can find them at cooking stores like Bed Bath & Beyond or online on If you don’t have any silicone baking cups, feel free to draw circles with a marker onto parchment paper and cut it into shapes. Another option is using aluminum foil muffin tins instead! It may take more time but it still turns out just fine in the end.

- How to make:

Using a knife, carve your pumpkin and remove seeds.

Fill with peanut butter and coconut oil/margarine mixture (mix these up in separate bowl before hand). You can use either one or half of each for this recipe depending how much you want to fill the pumpkin with party snacks. Then add crushed Nature's Garden Roasted Hazelnuts on top! I recommend using peanuts but feel free to play around with different types of nut flavors like cashews or almonds. Store in fridge until party day when it is time to eat! Cheers and enjoy!!

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