Discover The Ultimate Summer Playlist For Snacking & Chilling This Summer
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Discover The Ultimate Summer Playlist For Snacking & Chilling This Summer

The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising, and it's officially summertime! Whether you're lounging by the pool, embarking on an adventure, or simply enjoying a sunny day at home, there's one thing that can enhance the joy of summer snacking—the perfect playlist! 

Here at Nature’s Garden, we believe that good food and good music go hand in hand, and we're excited to present the ultimate summer snacking playlist, our Summer Chill Mix. It's time to turn up the volume, embrace the carefree vibes, and enjoy our delicious and nutritious snacks while grooving to the beat.

The Perfect Pairing of Snacks & Music

Nature's Garden Summer Chill Mix

There's nothing like the feeling of discovering a new favorite song, and with our Summer Chill Mix, we hope to provide the perfect summer soundtrack to accompany your Nature’s Garden snacking experience. While our playlist provides the beats, our Baja Taco Cashews deliver the bites that will keep you coming back for more.

Remember to share your experiences with us. Post your summer snacking moments with Nature's Garden and the Summer Chill Mix on Instagram using the hashtag #NaturesGardenChillMix, and let the world see how you're making this summer unforgettable.

This handpicked collection of tunes has been carefully curated to complement your summer snacking experience. Each song embodies the spirit of the season, sending you to paradise and as you indulge in our wholesome treats.

Boost your Mood

Music has an undeniable power to uplift our mood, and so does good food. Research shows that music can reduce anxiety and stress levels, and when combined with a nourishing snack like our Baja Taco Cashews, it's an unbeatable combo to get into the summer spirit. The combination of energy-packed, mood-boosting music and the rich, tantalizing flavors of our cashews can turn an ordinary day into a magical one.

Moreover, this combo is not only perfect for personal enjoyment, but it’s also a unique way to entertain guests. Nothing screams summer like a laid-back backyard party with good music, great food, and excellent company. So, turn up the Summer Chill Mix, open a few bags of Baja Taco Cashews, and watch as your guests lose themselves in the refreshing and flavorful fiesta.

Listen to the full playlist on Spotify, and let us know in the comments on Instagram which playlist you’d like us to share next.

Discover New Beats

As we continue our journey to provide you with the ultimate sensory experience, we're excited to highlight the artists who have contributed to our Summer Chill Mix. Our playlist features a unique blend of well-known hits and emerging artists, presenting an opportunity to discover new music while enjoying your favorite Nature’s Garden snacks.

Our Summer Chill Mix is an eclectic mix of genres, featuring vibrant and breezy beats from artists like Bill Withers, David Bowie, and even some fresh new talent. This variety ensures that there's something for everyone, from classic pop hits to indie chill tracks.

We’d recommend our Baja Taco Cashews as the perfect pairing for the Summer Chill Mix. From the first handful of our Baja Taco Cashews, you’ll be basking in electric Mexican fiesta vibes of fresh citrus, droolworthy spices, and tangy twists. Need we say more?

Introducing Nature’s Garden Baja Taco Cashews – the ultimate snack for summer relaxation.

Fashioned from the freshest ingredients, our original Baja Taco seasoning dances across the top of our soft, earthy cashews, making for a blissful bite that feels a little more like sending your taste buds on vacation. With notes of jalapeno, tomato, garlic, sour cream, onion and lime, our Baja Taco Cashews are bursting with fresh Mexican flavors that’ll be a hit at your next gathering, and will easily become your new go-to favorite snack


So, grab a bag of Nature’s Garden Baja Taco Cashews, press play, grab a margarita if you must, and let the music transport you to the shores of Mexico!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and remember - life's too short for bland snacks and boring music. Brighten your summer with the ultimate combo of our Baja Taco Cashews and our Summer Chill Mix!

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