Healthy Snacks for Kids
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Healthy Snacks for Kids

Summer is in full gear, and it can be challenging to know if you are providing healthy, nutrient-filled snacks for children. However, when you think about the benefits of nuts, it should be a no-brainer to offer them at every snack time to provide energy and full tummies for outside play on summer days.

Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids that Include Nuts

If you are scrambling to find snacks that will keep your kids full and out of the kitchen every 5-minutes during the summer, then consider this list of snacks that contain nuts. With high protein content, vitamins, and healthy fats, nuts provide a jolt of energy without the sugar crash.

Take a look at some ideas:

  • Greek Yogurt Parfait:

    Build a Greek yogurt parfait by adding oatmeal, chopped nuts, and fruit to the yogurt. You can even layer it in a clear cup for presentation.
  • Oatmeal with Chopped Almonds:

    If oatmeal is a regular part of your child’s food intake, up the nutritional value by adding chopped or slivered almonds. You can start small and increase the amount as your child explores and gets used to the new texture.
  • Trail Mixes:

    Be wary of some trail mixes that can have a considerable amount of added sugar and salt. You can take a look at Nature’s Garden to find the best healthy trail mix with organic ingredients and no added sugar.
  • Roasted Nuts:

    Embrace the flavor of healthy mixed nuts, whether roasted or slightly salted. Find the brands that you can trust that keep the essence of the nuts without unhealthy additives.
  • Charcuterie Board:

    Make a board filled with sliced turkey, dried fruit, nuts, and seeds. You can display it in a fun way, using blueberries as googly eyes, and show your children what a variety of healthy foods can look like.

By continually offering your children healthy food choices, they will become educated in what is sensible to take in their bodies. Create opportunities for your children to build a healthy relationship with food by eating protein, healthy fats, grains, and fruits and vegetables in their snacks.

At Nature’s Garden, our snacks contain antioxidants and omega-3’s. You can fuel your children’s bodies for their busy summer activities with snacks, including dried fruit, nuts, and seeds in enjoyable combinations. Our snack packs are easy to grab on the go, providing the perfect mix of convenience and health.

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