Foods high in omega 3 are really beneficial for your body. Take a look at our blog about omega 3 benefits and how essential it is.

Omega-3’s: Healthy Fats Create Optimal Wellness

Omega-3 fatty acids are more than a short-lived health trend; researchers have studied the effects of these important nutrients and found that they offer numerous benefits to support overall health. The topic of fat consumption can be controversial, with some people claiming that fats should be avoided.

Healthy Fats: Not All Fats are Created Equal

The truth is that healthy fat is an important part of a balanced diet, but the key is to choose the right types of fat. As you are evaluating your fat consumption, it is best to cut out trans fats and keep omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. This category of fat includes:

  • EPA and DHA (primarily in fish)
  • ALA (primarily in nuts and seeds)

These polyunsaturated fatty acids affect the human body on a cellular level. They are identified as preventive healthcare because of the support for everyday functions that affect inflammation and major organs.

Health Benefits of Omega-3

Adding omega-3 fatty acids to your menu can result in a variety of benefits for your health:

  • Mental Health: Studies have found that regular consumption of omega-3’s can help by reducing the risk of both depression and anxiety
  • Heart Disease: Omega-3’s help with heart disease by reducing triglycerides, balancing blood pressure levels, increasing “good” HDL levels, and reducing the risk of harmful blood clots.
  • Inflammation Reduction: Chronic inflammation is often caused by unhealthy dietary choices, which leads to a variety of serious health conditions (diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and more). Researchers discovered that omega-3’s decrease the production of certain substances that contribute to the inflammatory response in the body.
  • Mental Decline: Recent discoveries have suggested that age-related mental decline is connected to diet and lifestyle. One way to reduce the decline in brain function, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, is to increase omega-3 consumption.
  • Immune Function: The immune system can be strengthened by omega-3 fatty acids, which activate cells in the adaptive and innate immune. As a result, the body is more prepared to fight off viruses and bacteria.

Omega-3 Ingredients and Snacks

While there are a variety of omega-3 supplements on the market, the most effective solution for adding this healthy fat in your diet is through whole foods. Simple substitutions can be made to your snacking habits, giving you a tasty way to support your health. The best snacks should include natural ingredients that provide a good source of omega-3’s, such as a nut mix.

At Nature’s Garden, our team takes pride in being the leader of healthy snack trends. We provide low carb snack solutions that include the omega-3 fatty acids that are needed in your diet. Our Omega-3 Deluxe nut mix contains a delicious blend of nuts. Another option is the Heart Healthy Trail Mix, with a  tasty blend of nuts, dried fruit, and dark chocolate chunks.

We believe that healthy snacking should not compromise taste. These snacks are perfect for every occasion, making it easy to grab something on the go to support your active lifestyle.

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