Trick or Treat: Healthy Halloween Sugar-Free Treats for Kids
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Trick or Treat: Healthy Halloween Sugar-Free Treats for Kids

Halloween is coming soon. The kids are excited for this special day, but sugar-free treats are always hard to find. This year, make your own sugar-free Halloween treats! There is no limit on how creative you can get.

Here are some healthy sugar-free recipes for this spooky holiday:

Pumpkin Chocolate Cookie Dough

You can never go wrong with pumpkin. This recipe uses sugar-free chocolate to create the sweet taste, without the sugar!  This sugar-free cookie is easy to make and definitely a big hit for all Halloween guests.

1/4 cup sugar free chocolate chips (like low glycemic Baker's Chocolate)


Mix sugar-free chocolate chips and pumpkin together. Cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper and place small dollops of dough onto it, about an inch apart. Place in the fridge to chill for a few hours.

Apple Monster Munch (choose apples of your favorite kind)

- 2 tablespoons sugar-free peanut butter or sugar-free jelly or sugar-free almond butter

- 1 tablespoon sugar-free chocolate chips

Sugar-Free Mashed Potato Treats (choose high fiber white mashed potatoes)

1/3 cup sugar-free cool whip, thawed

- 1 sugar-free mini-marshmallow

*In a bowl, mix sugar-free cool whip and sugar-free peanut butter. Stir until creamy.

- Spread sugar-free mashed potatoes on a plate or in a bowl, creating a smooth surface for the monster face.

- Add sugar-free chocolate chips as eyes on your monster's face.

- Using a knife, cut sugar-free peanut butter mixture into the shape of a mouth.

- Place sugar-free mini mallow on mouth as lips.

- Using a toothpick, draw eyes on sugar-free chocolate chips and create hair by dotting with sugar-free jelly or sugar-free almond butter. Voila! Monsters can't get more sugar-free than this.

Sugar-Free "Blood" (choose sugar-free drink mix packet of your favorite kind)

- 1 sugar free jelly doughnut

1/2 tablespoon sugar free chocolate chips, melted with a teaspoon of sugar free coconut oil or sugar free almond butter

*Microwave sugar-free jelly doughnut for 10-15 seconds. Roll sugar free jelly doughnut in sugar-free chocolate chips until well coated.

*Pour sugar-free "blood" into a clear cup and enjoy!

Sugar Free Spiders (choose grapes or small berries of your favorite kind)

1 peeled banana, mashed

A pinch of sugar free cocoa powder

*Using a toothpick, create the sugar free spider design on top of peeled banana.

- Chocolate Sugar Free Spiders: dip sugar free spiders in sugar-free chocolate chips until well coated.

- Plain Sugar Free Spiders: sugar free wine for sugar free spiders.

Apple Jacks (choose apples of your favorite kind)

1/4 cup sugar-free almond butter

*Cut sugar-free almond butter into jack o' lantern shapes. For each sugar free jack o' lantern, use 1/2 tablespoon sugar-free almond butter for the sugar free pumpkin shape and sugar-free chocolate chips for the sugar free eyes.

If you enjoyed Nature's Garden Halloween Recipes like Pumpkin Chocolate Cookie Dough, Apple Monster Munch and Apple Jacks, you may look at other recipes for the upcoming Thanksgiving. You may take a look at Nature's Garden Tips & Recipes to see other yummy recipes.

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