You should avoid unhealthy snacks even in spooky halloween season. Here is healthy halloween snacks for your children.
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Spooky Healthy Halloween Snacks

Just because Halloween is a time when kids come home from parties with buckets of candy doesn’t mean that your health goals should go out the window. If you are looking for ways to balance health and holiday traditions, there are options to create a Halloween dessert with a few healthful ingredients.

What Halloween food should you add to the family menu? Consider these alternatives to create spooky, tasty treats – and avoid having your kids load up on sugar.

Halloween Snack Ideas

Here are a few healthy Halloween snacks if you are looking for a fun way to reduce sugar consumption and enjoy the holiday at the same time:

  • Monster Teeth: Cut a green apple into slices. Spread peanut butter on each piece. Then, make a small sandwich by placing two slices with the peanut butter sides together and miniature marshmallows or light-colored nuts in the middle for teeth.
  • Candy Corn Parfaits: Use the colors of candy corn as inspiration for a healthy fruit parfait. In a clear parfait glass, layer diced pineapple on the bottom. Next, place a layer of mandarin oranges. Then, top with a dollop of whipped cream to add the white topping, so it looks like a candy corn. Place a single candy corn on the top of the dish, and serve immediately.
  • Fruit Pumpkins: Peel a few clementine, but don’t pull the slices apart. The fruit should still maintain its form, without the peel on the outside. Next, add a small celery stick in the hole at the top of the clementine, creating the appearance of a pumpkin with a green stem on top.
  • Ghosts on a Stick: Peel a banana, cut it in half, then place a popsicle stick on each half. Dip the bananas in white chocolate and add mini milk chocolate chips to put eyes on the ghost.

It’s helpful to have healthy snacks on hand so you can avoid eating too much sugar this time of year. If you are looking for a solution to add more nuts, seeds, and dried fruit to your diet, then Nature’s Garden offers a variety of tasty treats. Check out our snack packs and mixed nuts that can be included in your Halloween snacks.

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