Healthy Chocolate Bark (Great for Valentine's Day!)
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Healthy Chocolate Bark (Great for Valentine's Day!)

When searching for creative chocolate bark recipes, be sure to choose recipes that
add heart-healthy benefits and flavor. One of the greatest hacks of healthy eating is pairing what you may consider junk food with a healthy food and balancing out your diet.

You can still have your treat while increasing your omega-3’s and protein intake. A
great example of this pairing is found in organic trail mixes – M&M’s mixed with nuts and dried fruit offer a deliciously balanced snack.

A traditional treat for Valentine’s Day is chocolate bark. Take a look at how you can
add your own twist and increase the nutritional value of this romantic treat for your

Healthy Chocolate Bark Recipe

Dazzle your partner with this modernized recipe of chocolate bark. The sweet and
salty mix will add the boost this classic treat needs.



1. Combine the chocolate and melt in a double boiler or the microwave in a
glass bowl.
2. Pour the chocolate onto a parchment paper-covered sheet pan. Spread it
evenly until it is the desired thickness.
3. Immediately add the trail mix. You do not have to use the full
amount if you don’t want the bark too chunky.
4. Press in the nuts and dried fruit, so they don’t fall off once the chocolate is
5. Place in the refrigerator or a cool place until the chocolate hardens.
6. Break into pieces and serve.

This simple dessert can be a crowd-pleaser while adding healthy nutrients and
heart-healthy benefits. Once you have tried one combination, find your favorite nut and fruit combination like walnuts with mangos or pistachios with apricots.

At Nature’s Garden, we want you to celebrate Valentine’s Day with heart-healthy snacks filled with antioxidants and omega-3’s. Our dried fruit, nuts, and seeds can be added to any traditional dessert to increase the nutritional value. Take a look at our organic snacks that are sure to add a fun twist to your Valentine’s Day spread.
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