Pitted Prunes versus Dates
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Are Probiotic Prunes Good for You?

When you think of prunes, you may think of them as a snack for the elderly. But
with an abundance of benefits, you don’t have to wait until you are older to
incorporate prunes into your diet.

Prunes Are Probiotic

It is rare to find a fruit with so many benefits, including probiotics to help your gut
health. Does dried fruit have probiotics? Not all dried fruit is probiotic, so you want to find the dried fruit that is easy to take along as a snack and has probiotic
benefits, such as prunes.

Prune Benefits

Prunes have a long list of advantages, making them a great fruit snack to grab on the go. What are the benefits of prunes?
  • Help Digestion
  • High in Potassium
  • Good Source of Iron
  • Packed with Vitamins
  • Decrease Cholesterol
  • Strengthens Bones and Muscles
  • Reduces Appetite
With so many benefits, what are you waiting for? Prunes are easy to access, and when purchased from a trusted source, you can be sure to get prunes that aren’t packed with added sugar. Check the nutrition label and find healthy prunes and dried fruit at Nature’s Garden.

Dates or Prunes

Another great source of vitamins and health benefits is found in dates. What is
healthier, dates or prunes?
Picked from a tree when already dried out, dates are a great source
of sweet fruit that have comparable nutrients to prunes. They have similar
calories, protein, and slightly higher fiber content than prunes. Overall, they
are healthy and great to eat along with prunes.
Prunes are plums that are dried out. They are sweet and have all of
the benefits mentioned above. If the idea of eating prunes every day seems
monotonous, switch it up with dates.

So which one is healthier? They are both healthy! You can’t go wrong with adding prunes and dates to your daily snack routine.

Nature’s Garden creates healthy snacks loaded with antioxidants and omega-3’s, including dried fruit, nuts, and seeds, in delicious combinations. Our organic snack packs are perfect for snacking at home or on the go.
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