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Healthy New Year's Resolutions

There is much more that goes into a healthy lifestyle besides healthy eating. Small changes that can be implemented easily will accumulate over the years into significant change. But you don’t have to do it all at once! When you make your new year’s resolutions this year, consider this list of attainable goals for all aspects of your life that won’t set you up for failure.

  1. Spend More Time Outside with Family: By intentionally getting outside with your family, you will build memories together, spend time without staring at devices, and get your body moving. Planning regular family hiking, biking, or park days is an excellent way to schedule healthy exercise with your family. When you throw a football or play sand volleyball, you will laugh, rely on each other, and build relationships that may need a boost of bonding.
  2. Practice Mindful Eating: The idea of mindful eating is thinking about every food that you take into your body. Shut off the TV and savor each bite, paying attention to when your body feels full. It is great to indulge in something you love. These ideas of small changes can change how your body feels: swap ice water for a sugary drink mid-day, portion out your snack instead of eating from the bag or box, add a handful of spinach to your eggs, and pair a snack high in protein when you eat a carb-heavy snack. Implementing more whole foods like nuts and fruit little by little will build healthier habits over time.
  3. Keep a Gratitude Journal: When there is so much to be worried about in the chaos of the world, change your focus to those things for which you are grateful. Keep a journal and start each day with a list of the good aspects of your life.
  4. Make Sleep a Priority: Plan on getting 7 or more hours of sleep each night first, and then strategize what you need to get done around that. The benefits of adequate sleep can affect mental health, productivity, memory, patience, and energy levels. When you get enough sleep, you’ll find you have the clarity of mind and energy to get through everything else on your list.
  5. Set Limits on Digital Devices: Walk away from your digital device. Set alarms that will remind you how much time you’ve been reading the news or checking social media. Make goals to set down your device and be present in the moment.

We want you to have healthy snacks on-hand that don’t require too much preparation. When eating healthy is accessible, you are more likely to stick to your eating goals. Try our trail mixes for a lower sugar trail mix option. Our organic nuts and dried fruits come together in delicious combinations to make healthy eating fun.

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