5 Tips for Healthy Eating This Winter
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5 Tips for Healthy Eating This Winter

Sometimes it is hard to maintain healthy eating habits when it is cold outside, and you are spending more time indoors, wrapped in a blanket and getting warm by a fire. Winter is a time for hot chocolate and comfort food. But you don’t have to eliminate comfort food to be healthy – you can find organic snacks and hearty meals that are delicious and filling without packing your days with unhealthy food.

Healthy Eating in the Winter

Part of what you might be craving during the winter is to feel warm and satisfied.
There are a lot of healthy foods that can fall into these categories. Think about what aspects you want in your meal or snack, and find healthy alternatives.

1. Pack Your Salad with Flavor: If you are craving a sweet and salty mix with a crunch, then a salad is a perfect way to make that happen. You can add roasted almonds and pecans. Dried cranberries and mangoes are a great way to get in a sweet zing of flavor. Add your favorite cheese and lean meat, and you have a complete meal that will leave you feeling satisfied.

2. Increase Omega-3 Fatty Acids: A considerable amount of omega-3 is found in fish and nuts. A dinner of grilled salmon is a savory and delightful winter dish to serve. And if you are looking for a snack-on-the-go that will help increase your omega-3 intake, you can grab an omega-3 deluxe mix from Nature’s Garden.

3. Make Soups Filled with Veggies: An excellent way to cram in vegetables
in the winter is through soups. You can puree butternut squash for a flavorful,
creamy soup. Don’t forget to add some chopped walnuts for extra crunch and
texture. Or pile carrots and celery into a classic chicken noodle soup.

4. Stock Up on Winter Fruit: Seasonal citrus fruit is always a great addition to
your winter meals and snacks. You can add berries or pomegranate seeds to
your warm oatmeal. Or you can steam apples and add cinnamon for a sweet,
comforting snack. For the fruits that are hard to find during the winter, use
dried fruit to carry you. Dried mango and apricots are easy, nutrient-filled

5. Roast Nuts and Maximize Flavor: If you are craving warm and comforting
snacks, there is nothing better than roasted nuts. Gather your favorite nuts
and roast them with savory spices. Or you can make them sweet by covering
them in cinnamon sugar. Heart-healthy nuts and trail mixes are delicious snacks year-round.
You can find healthy, convenient snacks at Nature’s Garden. Our nuts and
dried fruit snacks are easy to grab on the way out the door. You will never be caught hungry and unprepared when you have Nature’s Garden snacks on-hand. Our healthy snacks are not only packed with antioxidants and omega-3’s, but they are also delicious.
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