It is good to know dried fruits' nutritions when you have diabetes. Dried fruit glycemic index has to be known before you eat.
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Dried Fruits for Diabetics: Is It Good or Bad?

Diabetics know that blood sugar management is key to protecting health and wellness. If your blood sugar fluctuates, then it can create a dangerous situation that could result in the need for medical attention. Before you put anything into your body, it’s important to know the carb count and where that food falls on the glycemic index.

Dried Fruit Glycemic Index

Can you eat dried fruit if you are trying to balance your blood sugar? There are options for low sugar dried food, but you need to be proactive about reading the ingredient labels first. Dried fruit nutrition is similar to the vitamins and minerals available from the fresh ingredients. The main difference is that the water has been removed from dried fruit – which means that it is a concentrated version. As a result, dried fruit tends to be higher on the glycemic index compared to fresh fruit.

The benefit of dried fruit for diabetics is that this fruit still contains the natural fiber. Even though you are eating the natural sugars, you are also getting the fiber that slows down the uptake of the sugar into your bloodstream. The key is to manage your portions, and also balance dried fruit with other protein-rich ingredients. Trail mix is a great example of how you can enjoy a healthy snack as a diabetic. This snack fits a variety of diet plans including Keto, Paleo, and vegan.

Best Combo for Trail Mix

It doesn’t matter if you have type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes, the dietary recommendations are similar: stay away from simple carbohydrates and stick with whole-food sweets instead. For example, eating dried fruit in pregnancy is a better choice compared to candy, soda, or fruit juice. No matter what you are eating, pay attention to the portion sizes and carb count of the foods you choose.

You can find dried fruit and nuts in pre-packaged snack packs. Or, look online to find dried fruit recipes that you can make at home with your family.

If you need easy, healthy snacks that make it easy to manage your blood sugar, then Nature’s Garden is here to help. Try our dried fruits, trail mixes, and snack packs that are great for diabetics.

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