Healthy Snacking Trends 2021
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Healthy Snacking Trends 2021

The healthy snack food market is at an all-time high. It is projected to grow even higher in 2021, fueled by innovation and growth in plant-based snack brands and products. Healthy snacking used to consist of vegetables and low-calorie snacks to maintain healthy eating habits. However, recent snacking trends indicate that the way people snack has changed to include more foods from all food groups, including fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, and trail mixes.

The increased popularity of healthy snacking has opened up new approaches to common snack foods. Brands are now competing with each other by providing unique offerings that meet these shifting consumer eating patterns.

Shifting Eating Habits

In the recent “International Food Information Council's 2021 Food Trends” article dated January 6, 2021, the council states that 4 in 10 Americans are replacing meals with snacks. High-protein and healthier snacks will become more popular because of this.

The IFIC article further says that healthy snack foods that are convenient and affordable are a high priority for consumers. During COVID-19, people have spent much more time at home. This change in professional and personal lifestyle seems to have impacted people’s eating habits.

Initially, many people began to cook more during quarantine, but over time since lockdowns started, it appears that trend has shifted more toward snacking. For a variety of reasons, some are even skipping regular meals in favor of snacking. These reasons may include boredom, hunger, and eating for entertainment (when not hungry).

Healthy Snacks Preferred

But just because people are grazing more and eating meals less doesn’t mean they aren’t conscious of their health. A high focus on general well-being and immune function seem to be indicated. People want their snacks to be more than just a sugary treat. They want convenient food options that won’t compromise their desire for good health. This explains the rise in preference for plant-derived snack foods, such as plant-based protein bars.

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