you should improve your work life balance during covid-19 period and manage your working hours to take time for yourself.
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Ensuring Work and Life Balance While Working from Home

Have you found that the lines have blurred between your home life and work responsibilities? Many people shifted to working from home because of COVID-19 and experienced difficulty in maintaining work and life balance.

Tips for Work-Life Balance

Even though working from home gives you greater flexibility, you need to be able to draw boundaries to protect your home life. Consider these tips if you work from home:

  • Dedicated Home Office: Working from the couch or kitchen table can interrupt other daily activities, such as family dinner. Instead, set up a dedicated home office where you can focus on the projects while minimizing household distractions. For example, you might put the desk in your guest bedroom so you can close the door when needed.
  • Respect Working Hours: Just because you always have access to your work computer doesn’t mean that you need to be checking in at all hours. Maintain a consistent working schedule and know when you need to walk away from the computer to prioritize family time. If your workday ends at 6, then maintain your work-life balance boundary by leaving the project alone for the rest of the evening.
  • Communication: Once you’ve set a schedule, communicate with managers and coworkers so they know when to reach you. Digital tools can be helpful in communicating your availability and reducing the likelihood that someone will try to reach you when you are away from the computer.
  • Proactive Self Care: Some people are finding that working from home adds to their stress because they are juggling work responsibilities and family life at the same time. Taking time for yourself is important! Be proactive in setting daily and weekly goals to take care of yourself. Whether you fit in a yoga class before the workday starts or you draw a hot bath before going to bed, find a solution that helps you feel relaxed and restored.

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