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List of Thanksgiving Family Snacks

Thanksgiving might be the biggest meal you eat all year! So, why is everyone so hungry in the hours before the table is set and the turkey is sliced? A lot of preparation goes into a gourmet Thanksgiving feast. If you want to keep sticky fingers out of the side dishes, then consider setting out snacks as appetizers before the meals.

Thanksgiving Family Snacks

Not only do Thanksgiving snacks work great for the pre-dinner warmup, but everyone will enjoy nibbling on the snacks throughout the evening. Here are a few healthy themed snacks you can serve at your Thanksgiving meal:

  • Turkey Cold Cut Platter: Design a cold-cut turkey platter with sliced cheese and rolled up deli meat to form the turkey tail. Using different colors of meats and cheeses, arrange different layers of tail “feathers” in a fan shape around the body (cut out from a slice of cheese).
  • Turkey Fruit Platter: Follow the same strategy listed above, but use various types of fruit to design the turkey tail. Here’s a picture to give you inspiration for your design.
  • Turkey Veggie Platter: A vegetable dish is always a great way to add a bit more fiber into the meal. Use sliced carrots, celery, and bell peppers to arrange the turkey tail, with a bowl of dip for the body of the turkey.
  • Dipped Apple Slices: Cut a green apple into slices and soak them in water with lemon juice to prevent browning. Then, attach each apple slice on a lollipop stick, dip the apple in caramel or chocolate, and sprinkle with nuts or shredded coconut. Lay on parchment paper to let the chocolate dry. These Thanksgiving treats for kids will be a hit with people of all ages!
  • Mixed Nuts and Dried Fruit: Your Thanksgiving snacks don’t have to be fancy or complicated. If you don’t have time to make these snacks, simply set out a decorative Thanksgiving bowl with mixed nuts and dried fruit.

Nature’s Garden is always here to help when you need snacks to feed the family. We offer healthy mixes and delicious ingredients to use in your baking, snack cupboard, and more. If you are looking for healthy snack options, then check out our bundles for inspiration.

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