Trail Mixes Snacks to Avoid The Omicron Variant
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Trail Mixes Snacks to Avoid The Omicron Variant

I’ve been trying trail mixes as snacks to help prevent the Omicron variant. I have a hard time finding trail mixes that don’t contain peanuts, so I tried some trail mix recipes and came up with this recipe for trail mix that is delicious and healthy!

Ingredients: trail mix ingredients (the best trail mixes are made with a variety of nuts, seeds and berries)

Directions: Mix trail mix ingredients in large bowl. Store trail mix in airtight container until ready to serve or pack into individual bags for snacking on the run!

The Omicron Variant is an aggressive pathogen that can weaken your immune system over time if you’re not properly prepared. The main way it attacks us is by weakening our defenses against other viruses and bacteria we come into contact with every day. By making sure I eat healthy snacks like this trail mix regularly, my body has more resources available to fight off the effects of all sorts of bugs I might encounter during the work day!

If you’re looking for trail mix recipes, you should also check out this trail mix recipe from Nature's Garden Tips & Recipes. I’ve tried adding some hazelnuts to my trail mixes as well – it makes them taste great!

I hope these trail mix recipes help you stay healthy in your personal life! Stay safe everyone!


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