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Organic Dried Fruits with Chocolate Sauce

It is widely known that strawberries dipped in any kind of chocolate is a delicious snack. It has a beautiful presentation, is easy to grab and eat, and is healthy as well. But what about dried fruit dipped in chocolate? What are the best combinations for organic dried fruits dipped in assorted chocolates?

Tart Fruit with White Chocolate

Dried cranberries covered in white chocolate can be a unique and healthy treat. Raspberries and blackberries dipped in white chocolate can also be a great combination and look lovely on a table display.

Sweet Fruit with Dark Chocolate

Dried bananas, mangos, and apricots dipped in dark chocolate complement each other very well. The natural sweetness of the fruit is an excellent contrast to the rich dark chocolate taste.

Mixed Fruit with Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate can go with any fruit. It is the perfect chocolate if you want to provide only one kind of chocolate for dipping. Try orange slices dipped in milk chocolate or cherries or apples.

You can make the presentation just as beautiful with dried fruit and add an assortment of all fruits mixed with different dipping sauce recipes. It is easy to melt chocolate and have that as the dipping sauce, but what about adding chocolate to Greek yogurt? For a hearty, protein-filled dip, mix melted chocolate with Greek yogurt. You can even add a dollop of peanut butter.

It’s not always easy to come up with organic snacks for a party or serve to your family. Dried fruit is easy to display, and melting some chocolate for the dip is as easy as it comes. Being healthy can be convenient and fun. And it can be delicious too.

We want to help you make healthy choices without meal planning and making elaborate recipes and snacks. At Nature’s Garden, our focus is on providing convenient and healthy snacks for the whole family. Our dried fruit and nuts contain natural sugars and are loaded with antioxidants and omega-3’s. Try our dried fruit and dip them in dark chocolate or a trail mix pack.

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