Which Nuts are Good for Gut Health
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Which Nuts are Good for Gut Health

Gut health has a direct effect on our overall health. There are many things to avoid when it comes to maintaining a healthy digestive system, but there are also several things that we can do to improve our gut health. Some of these gut-friendly food products can even be snacks, which is excellent news for those days you’re feeling a little hungry between meals and want to munch on something tasty.

There are many reasons to limit processed snacks, such as artificial ingredients, preservatives, and high sodium levels. If you are trying to eat more cleanly, you may be wondering what nuts are good for your digestive system. The truth is they all provide excellent nutritional benefits in one way or another.

Eating a diet that includes plenty of nuts, including walnuts, has been shown to help reduce incidents of colorectal cancer. That’s because walnuts are rich in dietary fiber that feeds the gut microbiome. When you feed the good bacteria that live within your digestive system, you receive a boost in digestive support as the microbiota helps you break down foods that are hard to digest. In return for feeding these friendly microbes, they produce vitamins and nutrients that help keep your gut healthy and well functioning.

Easiest Nuts to Digest

Nuts tend to be more challenging to digest than other foods. Allergies, gut health conditions, and high-fiber content are common reasons why some people find nuts difficult to digest.

There’s no way to say for sure which nuts will be easiest for you to digest, but there are some things you can do to help your body to succeed in doing so. Soaking nuts overnight in water and salt to reduce the phytic acids found in nuts can help. Phytic acid is a natural defense mechanism that humans cannot digest. You can also roast nuts until they are crispy for the same effect.

Probiotic Nut Mixes

Nuts are an incredibly healthy snack to eat. Our team at Nature’s Garden is constantly innovating new and exciting combinations of snacks that include nuts, fruits, and seeds. You’ll even find nut mixes with probiotics to support your gut health. Go ahead and give it a try!

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