The Future of Snacking: Functional Foods
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The Future of Snacking: Functional Foods

Let’s face it – we are all SO busy. 

From crazy careers to kids and everything in between, there’s a lot going on. The days of sitting down with your family for a big, hearty breakfast and reconvening for a fancy dinner time feast seem long gone. As schedules get busier, our desire to find ways to maximize our energy, wellness and time becomes that much more important. 

But with the concept of functional foods, more and more people find themselves moving and grooving throughout the day with the power of purposeful snacking. 

Functional Foods, as detailed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics are those that deliver benefits beyond basic nutrition. These foods are rich in essential minerals, vitamins, and micronutrients that are vital for our body's well-being. They support a wide array of our body's complex functions and are typically characterized by their high content of these crucial nutrients. Functional foods include both minimally processed, whole foods and those that are fortified, enriched, or enhanced, offering benefits such as improved digestion and strengthened immune health.

You might be familiar with the terms “calorie dense” vs. “nutrient dense”

When we hear calorie-dense foods, what typically comes to mind are the usual suspects– fried or overly processed fast foods. However, it's important to note that many healthy, functional foods like nuts and seeds may also be higher in calories. The key difference here is nutritional value. While nuts and seeds are calorie-dense, they are loaded with beneficial nutrients that justify their caloric content, unlike their fried and processed counterparts. As we embrace a more holistic approach to nutrition and move away from merely limiting calories, the incorporation of nutrient-dense foods becomes crucial. This approach includes embracing options like fatty fish, nuts, seeds, and legumes, all integral to nurturing our bodies and fostering self-care through informed nutritional choices.

And here at Nature’s Garden, we know a thing or two about functional foods. *Wink wink*

The Snacking Trend: A Bite-Sized Lifestyle

A well-timed, nutrient-packed snack can be a game-changer for fueling your day. Did you know that 59% of adults are choosing to snack throughout the day? Millennials, in particular, are leading the charge, with a whopping 70% opting for snacks over traditional meals.

Gone are the days when healthy food was synonymous with bland and boring. Today, consumers have it all at their fingertips – health benefits, convenience, and mouth-watering taste. The snack aisle is no longer a dull affair; it's a playground of options catering to diverse tastes and dietary needs. With more choices than ever, healthy eating is anything but mundane.

Last year, a staggering 386 billion snacks were consumed by Americans, showcasing the undeniable shift towards on-the-go eating. The modern snacker is no longer satisfied with mindless munching; they crave snacks that align with their health goals and dietary preferences.

The Evolution of Snacking

As consumer demand evolves, so does the snack landscape. Snacking is no longer just about curbing hunger; it's a lifestyle choice. People aren't just reaching for low-calorie snacks to manage their weight; they're seeking functional foods that go above and beyond basic nutritional requirements. The focus is now on supporting our mind and body holistically through the power of nutrition, and the teachings of nutritional science.  

Small Choices, Big Impact

In the grand scheme of your health, every bite matters. When time is of the essence, choosing snacks packed with nutrients and health-promoting ingredients is essential. The era of mindless munching is over; it's time to snack with intention. That's where Nature’s Garden takes the spotlight.

Our commitment to innovation in the snacking industry extends beyond addressing cravings; it's about snacking with purpose. Recognizing that each snack is an opportunity to positively impact your health, we prioritize a deliberate fusion of taste and wellness.

At Nature’s Garden we love to think of ourselves as the bridge between taste and wellness. Our passion is to create products that not only taste good- but are also better for you. Imagine enjoying 2 billion probiotics in a luscious fruit bite wrapped in creamy yogurt, or 5 billion live probiotics combined with the immune-boosting power of elderberry, Vitamin C, and D. Intriguing- we know! 

In a world where time is a valuable commodity, we recognize that convenience is key when it comes to making choices about how we fuel our bodies and satisfy our taste buds. The Nature’s Garden community knows that every ingredient is carefully selected, thoughtfully and transparently sourced, and our products are created with a single minded focus on taste and functionality. Not only that, but we are mindful of variety and convenience: that’s why, our favorite products, our Immune Snack Packs, and Probiotic Yoggies multipacks come in two different flavors! 

We invite you to snack smarter and embrace the snack revolution! Every bite with Nature’s Garden is a conscious choice to nourish your body, indulge your taste buds, and lead healthier, more delicious life.

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What are functional foods?

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, functional foods are nutrient-rich foods that go beyond basic nutrition, offering health benefits like improved digestion and immune support. They include both minimally processed whole foods and fortified products, and unlike typical calorie-dense fast foods, they provide essential vitamins and minerals vital for well-being.

What is the difference between calorie dense and nutrient dense foods?

Calorie-dense only foods are high in calories but low in nutrients, while calorie-dense, nutrient-dense foods are high in both calories and essential nutrients. Some examples of the latter are nuts and seeds, fatty fish, and foods high in Omega-3.

How are our snack trends evolving?

Snack trends are evolving towards health-focused, convenient, and flavorful options, with a significant shift to on-the-go eating. Millennials are leading this trend, with a majority preferring snacks over traditional meals, seeking snacks that align with their health goals and dietary preferences.
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