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Who doesn't love a classic Hazelnut Spread?

Have extra time at home? Make this delicious and nutritious Chocolate Hazelnut Spread using Nature’s Garden Roasted Hazelnuts. Our Hazelnuts are already roasted making this recipe even easier!

No need to turn on your oven or peel the hazelnut skins, simply blend all of the ingredients together in a blender or food processor and enjoy. There are only six other ingredients needed for this recipe and you probably already have them in your pantry!

After your Nature’s Garden Roasted Hazelnuts arrive in the mail, gather canola oil (or any vegetable oil of choice), vanilla extract, salt, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, and chocolate chips and you are ready to make this Chocolate Hazelnut Spread.

Hazelnuts are one of the healthiest nuts you can eat, packed with nutrients such as antioxidant Vitamin E, Fiber, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, and various B Vitamins, Phytosterols and Polyphenols.

Nature’s Garden Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Recipe

Makes 2 8 ounce Jars

1 ½ cups Nature’s Garden Roasted Hazelnuts
¼ cup canola oil
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon salt
¼ cup cocoa powder
¾ cup powdered sugar
½ cup chocolate chips, melted
Special Equipment
Food processor
Fine mesh strainer (optional)
2 8 ounce jars

1. Add the hazelnuts to the food processor and blend until the nuts turn into a paste (about 5 minutes).
2. Add the oil, vanilla, salt, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, and blend until all of the ingredients are incorporated (about 5 minutes).
3. Add the melted chocolate and blend until the mixture looks smooth and shiny (about 10 minutes). Remove blade from the food processor.
4. (Optional Step) Place the fine mesh strainer over a bowl and pour the mixture into the strainer. Use a spatula to scrape all of the chocolate hazelnut spread out of the food processor. Using the spatula stir the chocolate hazelnut spread in the strainer and let it drip into the bowl. Remove the strainer once all of the chocolate hazelnut spread has dripped through into the bowl.
5. Pour the chocolate hazelnut spread into the jars and seal tightly with the lids. Place in the refrigerator.
6. The chocolate Hazelnut Spread will keep in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. Enjoy with fresh fruit and pretzels, or spread on toast!


Since this recipe only uses about half of the bag of Nature’s Garden Roasted Hazelnuts you will have plenty of hazelnuts leftover to make a second batch of Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, use in another recipe, or eat as a snack on their own.

The distinct sweet flavor of hazelnuts makes them a great addition to desserts such as cookies, cakes, pie crust and brownies. Hazelnuts can be added to hummus, salad and savory sauces, it will turn your daily meal into a gourmet experience. You can also use the chocolate hazelnut spread as frosting! Serve this Chocolate Hazelnut Spread on toast or with fresh fruit. It will definitely satisfy any chocolate cravings without the guilt!

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