Why You’ll Go Absolutely Nuts For Our New Artisanal Nuts
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Why You’ll Go Absolutely Nuts For Our New Artisanal Nuts

There’s a magical power in food that not many people think about.

It’s the simple power of teleportation!

(What the heck are we talking about? Stay with us!)

Flavors have the power to allow you to travel through time!

Think about it like this – wouldn’t you agree that a tasty treat can take you away to a specific time or place, back to a feeling or emotion that brings up powerful memories or visions?

Our team of taste connoisseurs searched the globe to find drool-worthy flavors that Americans would rejoice for. Capturing the boldest flavors from regions like Nashville and Mexico, to the shores of the Mediterranean and everywhere in between, our team packaged these flavors with the freshness of fan-favorite nuts like almonds and cashews to create a brand new product line that’ll have you going nuts for more!

We’re thrilled to announce a brand new line of tasty treats from Nature’s Garden.. 

Get ready for fresh, crunchy nuts in a decadent coating of our house-made premium blends of herbs and spices, designed to send your taste buds on the trip of a lifetime.

The basis of our new Artisanal Nuts are almonds and cashews, each loaded with nutrients to keep you moving and grooving. Like all Nature’s Garden products, our Artisanal Nuts feature a long list of benefits to keep your body fueled for the day ahead. This, combined with our signature spice blends, make for the ultimate blissful bite.

When it comes to inspiration from regional cuisine, nothing beats our Nashville BBQ Almonds and Baja Taco Cashews. Both of these new products were created to pay homage to two areas with renowned culinary scenes. 

Dive into the famous flavor of Music City’s culinary scene with Nature’s Garden Nashville BBQ Almonds – your new favorite savvy snack that’s jam-packed with the sensational spiciness of Nashville. 

Made with the freshest spices, our dry-rub seasoning has a rich, smoky taste that’ll have you moving, grooving, and doing the boot scootin’ boogie. This signature blend of smoked paprika, garlic, oregano, cayenne, and black pepper seasoning, generously coating our crunchy almonds makes for an unforgettable treat that’s healthy yet totally indulgent.

Grab a margarita and set sail to the shores of Mexico! From the first handful of our Baja Taco Cashews, you’ll be basking in electric Mexican fiesta vibes of fresh citrus, droolworthy spices, and tangy twists. Need we say more? 

Fashioned from the freshest ingredients, our original Baja Taco seasoning dances across the top of our soft, earthy cashews, making for a blissful bite that feels a little more like sending your taste buds on vacation. With notes of jalapeno, tomato, garlic, sour cream, onion and lime, our Baja Taco Cashews are bursting with fresh Mexican flavors that’ll be a hit at your next gathering, and will easily become your new go-to favorite snack.

But it’s not just regional cuisine that had Nature’s Garden’s product developers drooling… they searched far and wide for flavors that were powerful, inspirational, and full of fun. Whether it’s salty and savory, or sweet and sugary, there’s a new Artisanal Nut that you’ll adore.

Feeling salty and sunny? Get your vacation vibes on with Nature’s Garden Mediterranean Almonds, the perfect snack to put a spring in your step and sunshine in your soul. Coated with the vibrant flavors of the Mediterranean including roasted garlic, basil, oregano, rosemary, paprika, and sea salt, these almonds are the perfect snack for anywhere and everywhere.

Craving something sweet? Take a trip down memory lane with our S’Mores Cashews – a smarter way to indulge. Nothing that says childhood summers around a campfire quite like the sticky sweetness of a marshmallow wedged between chocolate and graham crackers in your hand. Now imagine this, but a little less sticky, and a whole lot more healthy. Nature’s Garden S’Mores Cashews are a perfectly sweet, healthy snack that’ll have you singing kum bah yah and grooving all day long.

But that’s just the beginning!

With 7 new products available at NaturesGarden.net, you’ll have trouble choosing just one. So why not try them all? We’re all about balanced wellness, so you can feel good about snacking smarter with these tasty treats.

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