Nature's Garden Tropical Trail Mix 16 oz

SKU: 9935

Size: 16 oz. Bag

Whether you’re a hiker on a trail, a busy mom on-the-go, Nature's Garden Trail Mixes will help you snack with a purpose. At Nature's Garden we combined the art of great taste with our mixology expertise - creating a Tropical Fruit Mix that offers a taste of paradise! Whether you’re stuck at home or actually laying on a beach somewhere wonderful, our Tropical Fruit Mix is the perfect treat for those who enjoy a crunch and have a sweet tooth.

  • TROPICAL DREAM - Journey to the tropics with our delicious fruit trail mix. Our delicious combination of tropical flavors will have you feeling like you’re on a beach, a thousand miles away! Such is the power of our trail mix.

  • POWERED BY PLANTS - At Nature's garden, we’re powered by nature - even when it's tropical. In this fruity trail mix, you’ll find dried pineapple, dried papaya, banana chips, raisins, and dried coconut.

  • TASTE OF PARADISE - Crunch and chew on our delicious tropical fruit mix on its own straight out of the bag, or get creative - add atop some yogurt or ice cream for a taste of paradise.

Ingredients: Banana Chips (Bananas, Coconut Oil, White Refined Sugar, Banana Flavoring) Raisins (Sunflower Oil) , Dried Papaya, Dried Coconut

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