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Why Kombucha Is Catching On

Kombucha is a fizzy beverage typically made with black tea and fruit sugar with a ferment. The fermentation process uses a symbiotic colony of probiotic bacteria and yeast. For millennia, traditional cultures have prized the beverage for its attributed health benefits. It’s chock full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and gut-balancing probiotics.

Regular drinkers assert that kombucha helps to:

  • Improve digestion
  • Boosts immunity
  • Increase energy
  • Support joint health
  • Aid in the body’s self-cleansing processes

That’s a lot to appreciate! Despite the anecdotal evidence that supports these claims, it’s important to remember that not many scientific studies have been done to confirm them. That’s not to say they are untrue –only that they have not been backed up by research.

Popularity of Kombucha Health Benefits

As health awareness has increased, many people are looking for ways to improve their diet without giving up the comfort of good food and drink. Kombucha is the perfect example of the trend towards healthier living through better options that still taste great. Today, kombucha is widely available in local grocery and health food stores. If you’re interested in giving it a try, you won’t have to look too far to find it.

But even if you’re not in it for the cure-all health hype, your body may still thank you. Kombucha can be an ideal substitute to help cut out the excess sugar found in most soft drinks. An ordinary byproduct of the flavored fermentation process is a delightful, tangy “fizz,” or natural carbonation. Simultaneously, the probiotics that create this effect break down the sugar content, leaving a host of healthful vitamins, minerals, and beneficial acids in their wake. You won’t find those in an everyday can of soda!

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