Nutraceuticals and functional foods are the future of snacking. You can find enriched foods in our article!

The Future of Snacking: Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals

How often do you reach for snacks instead of preparing a full plate of food at mealtime? Our modern lifestyles are getting busier, which is why it makes sense that more people are opting for functional foods and nutraceuticals to get them through the day.

Whether you are intentional about eating small meals throughout the day or you are too busy to sit down to eat a full meal, having low-calorie snacks on hand can be an important part of your success strategy. 59% of adults prefer to snack throughout the day, with 70% of the millennial generation choosing snacks over meals.

Snacking for Busy Lifestyles

When it comes to snacks and food choices, it is common for people to prioritize convenience, health, and taste. It is estimated that 386 billion snacks were consumed by Americans last year. As consumer demand shifts, more snack options are becoming available.

Not only do people want low-calorie snacks to manage body weight, but these snacking trends are evolving to also optimize the health benefits of the selected ingredients. For example, learning about the classification of functional foods means that snacks not only meet basic nutritional requirements – but they also reduce the risk of chronic disease and/or have physiological benefits.

The future of snacking is focused on more than just health, consumers are also demanding convenience and taste. More options are available than ever before, which means that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. You can choose from a range of convenient options to vary your snacks throughout the day.

Small Choices Add Up

Everything you put in your mouth either harms or contributes to your health. When you only have a few moments to grab something to eat, then you need to be sure that food choice is packed with nutrients and health-promoting ingredients.

Our team at Nature’s Garden is leading the market with innovation in the snacking industry. You can do more than curb your cravings when the hunger hits. Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to “snack with a purpose,” giving you simple solutions through functional foods and nutraceuticals. Check out our functional snack foods that support your lifestyle and wellness goals, including snack packs with antioxidants, probiotics, and more.

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